Our Story

We started Carederly because we have personally experienced the everyday challenges of caring for an elderly parent aging at home. We are all too familiar with the worrying combined with the coordination and organizational challenges to stay on top of the health and care of our loved one. Anyone who has been in these shoes knows what it’s like.

When we talked to other caregivers about how they coped, we learned that everyone somehow just muddled through but were trying to do our very best and hoping that we didn’t drop the ball somewhere whether its our loved one’s care, our jobs or our personal lives. It became obvious that there needs to be an easier way to help family caregivers manage this better. We also realized that no one is trying to help the family caregiver easily track and disseminate important information to other family members, health aides, doctors and nurses. It is with this goal that we started Carederly. Our mission is to make in-home eldercare easier for families.

We hope our platform helps you have peace of mind and frees you to spend more quality time with your loved one.

The Team

Mallika Adarkar

Founder & CEO

Mallika cared for her mother during her cancer treatment and now supports her husband, Dheeraj, as he cares for his mother.

Before starting Carederly, Mallika was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and PwC.

Ashutosh Bandiwdekar

Technical Advisor

Description in the works…

Dheeraj Motwani


Dheeraj presently cares for his mother, who suffered a stroke three years ago and more recently, was diagnosed with breast cancer. He is also Carederly’s User #1.

Besides advising Carederly, Dheeraj is the Head of Growth at Google.