Care More. Worry Less.

For family caregivers and care recipients

Digital collaboration tools for families to manage the care of their loved one aging at home.

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Platform Features

Designed by family caregivers to help you track all your caregiving needs in one place.

Set a care plan and manage daily tasks as your loved one’s health evolves

Track taking of medications to ensure they are taken as prescribed

Record health observations in a digital diary

Share updates with family members and health aides easily

Track health trends over time from the notes in your digital diary

Share medical records and relevant documents easily *

* Under development

Why use Carederly?

Studies have consistently shown that ~50% of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed.

With Carederly, family members can:

  • Ensure medications are taken on time and according to prescription

  • Have informed discussions with doctors by sharing trends of critical data (e.g., vitals)

  • Share caregiving responsibilities and updates easily with other family members

  • Maintain critical medical documents or contacts in one place for all caregivers


The platform is designed for family caregivers and individuals (e.g., patients) who want more control over their own medical needs. You can also invite other stakeholders, such as care managers, home health aides or others, who may be helping you manage care.

Yes. Your data is stored in the cloud using industry standard services that are designed to protect and safeguard your private information. Only those care team members authorized by you can view your information.

No, not at present. We may in the future look into integrating our platform with other providers. However, you will continue to decide who sees what information.

At present, the platform is free to use and as such, we do not ask for any payment method.